Choose American Guaranty Title for effective and timely title and escrow services that, in the end, result in sound coverage, peace of mind knowing the investment is, indeed, yours and protection to the maximum extent.

Title Services Division

The Title Services team at American Guaranty Title conducts comprehensive research on potential real estate transactions daily to determine the status of title on a particular piece of real estate and the status of the seller and buyer related to that potential real estate transaction. This research consists of thorough searches that include chain of title, real estate tax status, any unsatisfied judgments, and identity verification. Once these searches have been completed, we issue a commitment to insure, stating the conditions under which we will insure the title.

Escrow Services Division

The Escrow Services team at American Guaranty Title provides escrow/closing services as an unbiased third party facilitator of real estate property transactions. It is our responsibility to coordinate and facilitate various components of the real estate transaction in accordance with the Texas Department of Insurance Rules and Regulations. Our Escrow Services include resolving issues with title, coordinating the actual closing with the buyer and seller and their respective agents, working with lenders, facilitating the execution of all legal documents pertaining to the closing, preparing the settlement statement, and facilitating the funding of the transaction.

“At American Guaranty Title, we value each and every customer with which we have the opportunity to come in contact. Whether we are facilitating a contract that is associated with a first-time buyer’s new home or working with a multi-million dollar commercial investment that involves multiple realtors, investors and attorneys, we make sure the transaction is handled with accuracy and promptly executed.” ~ Chuck Sivess, CEO